Simple Electrical Safety Tips

1. Before beginning any wiring work, always turn off the circuit breaker to avoid electrocution.

2. Wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment, such as insulating gloves and face protection, while working with electricity.

3. Inspect all wires and fittings for damage before beginning any work.

4. Ensure all connections are in line with regulations before making any contact.

5. When working with flexible cables, always ensure they are connected correctly and securely.

6. Use the correct tools when cutting or stripping wires to avoid damage.

7. Use a circuit tester to check the voltage is correct before making connections.

8. Check for any short circuits or damage by testing the circuit before and after installation.

9. Only use the proper gauge wire for the job to prevent overload and electrical hazards.

10. Always ensure safe storage and disposal of any electrical wiring or components.